“You saw me at my lowest point in life and nursed me through it…I have carried you all close to my heart and wanted to let you know the impact you have on clients. Your work matters more than you know.”

“Life has turned around in every arena…keep doing the beautiful work that you do because it matters.”

“(your help) meant the world to me”

Referring organizations

“Every day I give thanks for the work of the Pastoral Counseling Centers. I see the impact it makes on people’s lives and the overall health and well-being of our community.” Rev. Jeffrey Goodrich

“As a pastor in Worcester, I have appreciated the resources of the Pastoral Counseling Centers. It is helpful to have people connected with faith communities available when I need to make referrals to parishioners and the level of skill and experience in the staff there is of great value to pastors in the area.” Rev. Nancy Elder-Wilfred

“We at First Unitarian Church in Worcester have partnered with Pastoral Counseling Centers of Massachusetts for many years. I know I can refer my parishioners there for skilled, compassionate and affordable counseling. Their work helps support our mission of caring and spiritual health.” Rev. Sarah Stewart

“The Centers continue to be a vital resource for referrals for expert counseling services for our community.” Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz

Mission Statement:

The Pastoral Counseling Centers of Massachusetts provide counseling to all persons seeking wholeness and renewal, honoring their race, ethnicity, religion, cultural background, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Vision Statement:

We strive to understand what each client is seeking and the most effective manner of helping them reach their goals. Our aim is to unravel how each client’s unique culture, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and spiritual/religious background affects their beliefs, behaviors, values, practices, and social interactions.